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Dunkerque Congress Center, Dunkirk, France - November 20 th - 22nd, 2017

Welcome to Dunkirk!

The world’s northernmost Francophone city is just minutes from the border with Belgium. Life in Dunkirk has always been oriented towards the sea, whether through historic whaling and fishing or trade. The 3rd port of France remains active today and also shuttles passengers across the channel to Dover.

The name “Dunkirk” is also synonymous with the withdrawal of the Allied armies from France in 1940, and there’s a top-notch museum set right where this operation was coordinated. In the city don’t miss the UNESCO-listed belfry and museum of the port with its historic ships.

Dunkirk offers an exceptional environment: with 15 kilometers of beaches and 1000 hectares of sand dunes, the city is invested in the sustainable development and it is the 1st European capital of the Biodiversity.


From Dunkirk you are at less than three hours to 5 European Capitals.

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